Monday, July 2, 2007

Stumpjumper reborn as singlespeed bastard child

I'm back on a singlespeed mountain bike again at long last:

My Specialized Stumpjumper hardtail that I bought during the summer when I worked at On Yer Bike. All of the bits that came with it were transferred across to the i-drive frame I recently bought, leaving just a frame hanging on the wall. I love this frame so much and missed riding singlespeeds, so turning it into one made perfect sense... to me, anyway. Few people outside of the SSSS really get this bike and can't comprehend my excitement over it. Fools!

A DMR tension seeker 2 is holding it all together. I've been out on just one ride so far - in pouring rain through some sloppy trails - and the magic gear of 32x16 is working out well, as is the tensioner... really smooth and quiet.
Makes me wonder how much attention my fully's going to get now. The less the better at this time of year, I guess... the singlespeed's well and truly in its element right now.

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Flametop59 said...

This looks like a fun bike to ride. I see some Single Speed MTBs around here. Nothing as nice as this though.