Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some Welly fixies

Here's a couple of fixies found on Wheelworks' website, where Josh got his rear wheel built by Tristan (see previous post). This is Tristans personal bike, a steel framed job in a huuuge size. Having not met him, I can only assume he's a man mountain!

Giant's aren't my favourite bikes, but this is an interesting conversion of an alloy TCR to fixie. I've been toying with the idea of converting my Tarmac to a singlespeed recently, maybe not fixed so I can coast downhill on long rides, and also still be able to use my pimp DT Oro wheels. But then again, I'll probably just use the Langster.

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josh said...

Tristan is super tall and super skinny. He rides trials (very well) too. I think he looks hilarious riding a tiny trials bike; it looks like there's arms and legs in every direction. Anyway, you know what I think about singlespeed roadbikes that can coast [spits over shoulder]...