Monday, July 16, 2007

From our U.S. correspondent...

This is from my Langster Bro in New Jersey...

New York City Single Speed Pictures - July 16, 2007

I had to go into the New York office today and I made sure I brought my camera to get some pictures of some Single Speeders (extra points for fixie!!). I forgot for most of the day but I remembered I wanted to get some pictures when a messenger rode by me. I started looking so hard for bikes that I almost walked out into traffic. I did end up missing one train and I had to take a later one which meant I missed my evening ride window.
This was taken in Little Italy over the weekend but I figured that I would rerun it the way newspapers do. My first attempt at catching a messenger. This one was easy to get. I had already crossed over to the west side of 6th Avenue when I spotted this bike. I ended up crossing back over to the east side to get this picture. I have noticed that the messangers that ride fixie have a lot more pride in ownership. I saw this guy coming but I had to wait for a bus to pass before I could get the picture. By the time the camera reset. After a few minutes I realized I could tell a fixie rider just by the way he was riding. I can not explain the difference but my eye started to pickup on it.The DIY Single Speed method.This kid was walking with his mother and I had the camera on so I snapped the photo. BMX bikes are still single speeds.

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