Monday, January 26, 2009

Off Track

The Great Track Experiment (presented by Josh) went exactly as predicted back in... shit, when the hell did we last post here, the 20th Century? Almost feels like it. If anyone actually still visits this blog, and bothers to give a shit about what we get up to, then you may recall that my esteemed colleague garnered himself an Avanti Pista (no, not a Bianchi, but the NZ non-hipster version) and had planned to alleviate some of his built-up angst by riding in circles, only turning left. As there is a bottomless pit of said anger to quell, I was understandably sceptical that pushing a huge gear around a poorly sealed, cracked surface banked track would have a calming effect on one's psyche. It would drive me fucking insane. I can't even watch the pros do it without wanting to yell at them that it's ok to turn right, hoping at least some of them would try to break free and run themselves headlong into the fencing. Long story short, the Pista got to make a few left turns, albeit in one sitting, before being relegated to a commuter bike. A damn cool looking commuter bike, mind you. Yep, that's a brake up there on the bar, and what else do I see? Could it be, WHITE bar tape! I'm quite impressed by this little machine, with a swap to a carbon road fork, Josh has made it a rideable street machine, and with another one sitting in the shop in my size, could I have a companion, or indeed a replacement, for the poor Tricross which sits dormant in the back of the shop? Should I? Hmmmmm....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You fuckin what?

September eh? Wow, this blog seems to have stalled. That's what happens when no-one is riding singlesppeds. They are sitting there, the TriCross is just sitting there, the KHS/SSSS is sitting there (back in Aus mind you) and this blog is just... sitting here. Josh sold his CrossCheck, and sometimes cruises the streets on his Pista (which saw the grand total of ONE track session) and Mikey sometimes commutes on his Langster, and Owen is back from the UK and is probably on his old beaten beast. There are a few fixie douchebags around town, but who wants to talk about them? No Wellycats, no nothin... Will we come back?