Friday, June 29, 2007

Keep it single, stupid...

Do you like pain? Do you like simplicity? Then you probably ride a singlespeed. Or taking it to the nth degree, a fixed gear. Revel in our pain as we bring you the adventures of the Scared Shiftless Singlespeed Society (SSSS), a group of like-minded masochists from all over the world. It all started in Newcastle, NSW Australia back in 1998, when a young(er) brettok converted an old hardtail into his first singlespeed MTB. In one form or another, he has owned an incarnation of these off-road torture devices ever since. The SSSS has always existed, if, up until now, only in his head, and in conversations with other ss cohorts. Since arriving in Wellington NZ in 2007, he has joined the ranks of ss/fixed gear road riders, due in large part to the influence and goading of SSSS co-conspiritor and beer drinker Josh. Along with other fixie freaks like Owen and Bella, my (freewheeling) Langster bro in New Jersey and ss mtb'ers back in Newcastle like Tomkinson, we hope to form a rabble of rowdy rebels who share the love of the quiet hum of one speeding, mixed with the gentle creaking and tearing of knee cartilidge.... if you'd like to contribute to the madness, drop us a line at

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