Saturday, July 19, 2008

SSSS S's (the extra s is for stickers)

Johnny Klink had an idea. He wanted to ditch his KHS softail frame which had been utilsed as his SSer for awhile. My SS was sitting in Aus doing nothing, so he hatched a plan to swap his bits onto my frame and sell the leftovers and give me the money. He got the bike stripped down and ready to swap over, so I decided I wanted to keep it being the good bloke that he is, he rebuilt the bike for me. He'd taken off the faux Indy Fab stickers and was going to get new ones made. I suggested he get Scared Shiftless instead, and the lad did a smashing job, don't you agree?
We're thinking of getting a batch made up, but they ain't cheap, so if there's any interest in them we'll get 'em in circulation.

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