Saturday, December 1, 2007

Converting the converted

Preparations are underway for NZ's first singlespeed National Champs next April in the magical singletrack of Rotorua's Whakarewarewa forest. Well, Josh and my preparations are underway, first trying to secure the weekend off work, then picking a suitable (or unsuitable) steed on which to compete... na, make that participate. I dug out an old, old Giant Iguana from the pile of bikes that have been traded in at work for a promotion, but after an hour of trying to extract a jammed solid seatpost, gave up and returned it to it's home in the corner of the workshop.

Josh, meanwhile, is putting his Surly Crosscheck through it's umpteenth transformation in the last few months, this time adding riser bars and and cross tyres but keeping the wheel in fixed mode, although there is talk of free-ing the wheel in the name of sanity.

With my SS back in Aus, and the pile of crap for conversion just too much to cope with, I'm thinking of pony-ing up for one of these babies.
I can get it pretty cheap, and I can sell it off at the race afterwards... or will the 29 bug bite me and inspire me to more upgrades in the name of cool? Time will tell. We'll keep you posted on the Surly's surgery and our beer-drinking training (mine's going pretty well so far).


Flametop59 said...

The more I think about the more I know I have to add a single speed cyclocross bike.

ockham said...

josh...for god sake keep it fixed. i've got an fixed/single speed cross bike, and i hardly ever have it on the freewheel. i even ride it off road fixed.