Thursday, December 20, 2007

Menage a trois

Check out Declan Cox from Valley Cycle's bike:

So much potential. So tastelessly executed. Sorry Dec, but putting neon green Lizard Skins grips, Titec carbon bars and an SDG I-Beam saddle on a vintage Merlin Titanium frame that deserves something classy from vaguely the same era is just wrong.

Fashion gripes aside, I've ridden this bike offroad and it's super sweet. I've yet to come across a rigid singlespeed that handles as well as this baby.

Here's my Cross Check after the transformation that was blogged a few posts ago:

This is yet to be taken to the trails, but if the way it feels on the streets is anything to go by it should be a ripper. 700x32 Smallblock Eight tyres, EA50 riser bars, 38x18 (free) and38x16 (fixed) gearing. Bummer that I didn't get the time off to go to Vegas for the SS nationals. Brett might get the chance to hurt himself on this bike instead.

Last up, check out what you can get from Surly, fully built, fixed and ready to go:

The Steamroller complete. Pretty well specced with Surly 1x1 hubs and a Surly sprocket, and great value at around $1300. My flatmate Karen plans to use this as a round town bike, having ridden my cross check in one of its previous fixed-wheel incarnations and loved it. I'm looking forward to putting a few miles on it too. These guys must be taking the piss with the included owner's manual though:


ockham said...

in reference to the merlin, and how sweet the ride is...i'll let you know as soon as i build up my moots ybb...


Your blog is great, I'll make sure to pass on your link to my Dallas foreclosures friends.