Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should I or shouldn't I??

Last week, for some unknown reason, I was reminded of an ad I saw many months ago in a reputable mtb magazine for Vicious Cycles. It was the leopard skin singlespeed photo that really took my fancy. I knew nothing about who these guys were (or guy as it turned out) or what they were about. Anyway, I googled it and came up with their web site and then I googled "vicious cycles buy" and came up with this.........
on ebay. Hmmmmm I thought to myself. How bad to you want a fairly light, hand made, steel singlespeed? From America? When the exchange rate is crap? And you don't really have any money? And you kind of promised your wife "no more bikes until we buy a house with a garage"? Hmmmmm?
Immediately I thought "quite badly". So I signed up to ebay and watched the auction. With only three days to go until the end date I found myself getting nervously excited and spending an absurd amount of time staring at the screen ogling the photos like it was REAL porn not just bike porn.
Then the day arrived. By my figuring, we were 16 hours ahead. I was wrong. I think? In fact, I still can't work it out, but then I now start work at 6:30am so I am usually to tired to sort this kind of shit out. But I still managed to get up at 2am for the final 20 minutes of the auction and place a bid.
According to the description of the bike, a frame alone can go for $1800 U.S. and he was asking about half that for a whole bike. So there I was, my bid of $870 was the highest and it still hadn't reached reserve. What do I do?
I wait.
The auction ends.
I go to bed.
What the f**k? Now What? I had no idea what had just gone on. I wound myself up into a frenzy and then bailed on it at the last minute (just like me attempting to ride something I should be able to clean). Which one of the four very sensible reasons for not buying the bike had won out?
No money? That's always a good one. But that's never stopped me before.
The exchange rate? Naaaa. Who cares.
Freight from America? No, Ashley said she would bring it back with her when she goes over in a few weeks.
I promised I wouldn't? Maybe. Although I did say I would sell my road bike to cover the cost of the ss.
God knows. But I checked ebay today and the bike has been re listed.
It's gonna be a long week.



GenghisKhan said...

eBay is addicting and so are bikes. Garages, too, come to think of it! Anyway, good luck! Knowing eBayers, he probably increased the reserve! ;o)

Josh said...

Well... looks like we got ourselves a reader.

OK, it's only funny if you know the Bill Hicks context.

GenghisKhan said...

Well, "reader" may be a bit strong of a word for what I do, but thanks! And no, don't know the Bill Hicks, but I'm certain it's funny! ;o)

Mike and Karen said...

I don't know ebay. On Trade me (in NZ) the seller will often send out an offer to bidders and watchers. I was kind of expecting that to happen... but it didn't. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

revphil said...

watching bike porn like it was real porn you say?

the one man shop could use some help with his text flavor, but yeah, them Vicious Cycles are pretty exciting. Im getting a Norse frame later this year. W00t!

reverend phil
bicycle pornographer

Mike and Karen said...

Had another shot at it. Got past reserve this time but too rich for my blood... and wallet. Back to the drawing board.

brendo said...

bugger, nice bikes the vicious, I nearly bought one (CX frame) a few years back but ended up moving back to Oz and already had 5 bikes to bring back :)