Monday, August 25, 2008

New Season Single Speed Steeds Steal Show.

As reported over at bikes, beer, beats we got up to Auckland for the Avanti/Specialized 2009 release. Both makes had several SS's on display, with the big S only bringing in one of the Langster range again this year. This time it's the hideous Las Vegas model, which replaces last year's equally uninspiring London. I didn't get a picture, I must've been more disgusted than I thought at the time. Here's some of the other machines sans shifters.
Josh checks out the Avanti Pista Pro and gets the ridiculous idea that he might do some track racing this year (I hope I don't suffer the same delusions). No doubt he was inspired by the huge success of the NZ track team at the Olympics, where it was a Bronze-rush! Ok, and a silver too.
Pista Solo, basically a entry-level Pista with some brakes and a dodgy 'cityscape' paint job. Still looked better than the Las Vegas Langster though.
Avanti K.I.S.S. (Kylie Is So Slutty) 29er. Actually looks pretty good, a way better colour than last year. Cheap but not too nasty (unlike Kylie).
And the 26" version. I think this one stands for Kevin Is Slightly Stoned. Just like any good singlespeeder (well, fixie rider anyway.)
Tricross Singlecross... I'm not gonna say anything bad about this one, because I wish mine had this paintjob. One of the best looking bikes there in my opinion (which counts for nothing really).


Flametop59 said...

I was really hoping that Specialized would move away from the city themed bikes this year. The Seattle had its moments.

Of course I have not rode my Langster since I got the Tarmac. Once you start sinning it is hard to stop.

brettok said...

We are actually getting the stock standard Langster and the San Fransisco too, so at least there's a choice and the standard one looks ok.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that Specialized SingleCross is just a tease. Been phoning around trying to get a 2009 SingleCross and all dealers in Chch say it is not listed/available for 2009 :-(

Anonymous said...

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