Monday, June 9, 2008

Flying the flag

There's been little to blog on the SS front lately, what with Josh's resurrection stalling, selling all his single chainrings, tensioners and other bits, and me only riding the Tricros to and from work.
Luckily, there's always Chris The Courier to rely on, out there day in day out delivering parcels either on his cobbled-together-piece-of-crap or the Langster. Today he dropped by with this bit of carnage, which happened during a wheelie down one of Wellington's busiest streets. A nice ball-slapper was the result, followed by a quick change tho the Langster, and off he went, flying the SS flag for us other slackers.


Icon O. Classt said...

Nice! What brand of cranks?

brettok said...

Shimano, old Deore LX I think.