Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mikey fixes up

Our workmate Mike finally got off his old Sakae SS roady and plumped for a 07 Langster, same as the one I ride but ten sizes smaller! So far he's lovin the fixed gear experience, after he remembered he couldn't coast down Nevay Road and nearly got pitched over the bars on his maiden voyage. He even cranked it up Brooklyn Hill on his way home one day, something that I haven't had the energy to attempt as yet. But if Owen can get up there in 48/17 after Friday night beers every week, then I should at least have a crack. Keep pedalling, Mikey!


Mike & Karen said...

I love riding this bike. I just want to pimp my ride with some ultegra brake bits (you know the ones, Brett) and cranks and then I start saving for the new stumpy.

Owen said...

Yeah mate, you gotta toughen up or Ian is gonna lap you at Wild Wellington even if you are in his team :D

josh said...

I reckon. Not riding your fixie up that hill after owning it for so long is shameful. Dare you to enter the Hawkins Hillclimb race on it. Pussy.