Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sums it up really...

The following is Dan's answer to a question posed by a geared rider on the Glenrock Trail Alliance forums. The question was "Gears weren't invented for nothing, why does everyone on this forum choose this primitive form of MTB?"

Dan, take the pulpit, word to my brother!

"I am like many other riders. Love flicking through the mags, looking at manufacturers web sites, and also love to look at the new bike a mate has bought. I, like many other riders believe in the hype that we are fed about what we need to enjoy the sport.

Then I got an SS.

I very quickly realized that I do not NEED 5 inches of travel at each end, I do not NEED super light componentry, I do not NEED top end bits and bobs to enjoy a ride.

I NEED 2 wheels, handle bars, a suspension fork for a little comfort and control (don't even really NEED that) some pedals, and some trail, that's it. SS can teach you that you don't NEED all this other crap to enjoy the ride.

SSing saved me from riding boredom. It saved me from NEEDING all that crap that I don't really NEED.

Every one will ride SS for a different reason.

The above is mine. "

Couldn't have said it better myself.